Watch this webinar to learn how to:

  • Address pay gaps and pay equity as part of your pay equity strategy
  • Engage senior leaders in your pay equity strategy
  • Perform a Pay Equity Audit
  • Achieve your Pay Equity Audit goals with technology
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Pay equity can have a big impact on your corporate culture and brand reputation, and put your organization at risk of litigation. As a result, pay equity has become a strategic business imperative and a regulatory compliance requirement for many leading employers. But recent survey data suggests that many employers do not know how to start their journey towards ensuring fair pay.

In this session Ruth Thomas, Curo’s Senior Consultant, addresses how companies can build a holistic pay equity strategy that addresses both pay gaps and pay equity, and shifts the focus of pay equity beyond just pay.

Ruth also shares advice for engaging business leaders in defining what pay parity means to your organization and how to perform a pay equity audit to get started in achieving your pay equity goals.

About the presenters

Ruth Thomas, Co-founder, Curo

Ruth Thomas
Co-founder and Senior Consultant, Curo

Ruth Thomas has over 30 years of global HR and reward management experience. She is a Senior Consultant at Curo and is one of the company’s co-founders. Ruth is an expert in the management of compensation processes and the design of pay and benefit structures, salary progression systems and management incentive plans.

Ruth recently led the vision and development of Curo’s new pay equity solutions – a UK Gender Pay Gap reporting tool and a CURO Pay Equity Analysis Software.

Prior to joining Curo, Ruth held roles at Lloyds TSB Group, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Dow Jones Group and Credit Suisse.